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JK to Orc Heidan Aku Buta Oni ni Ryougyaku Sareta Seijo Gakuen EP 1 Eng Sub JKとオーク兵団 ~悪豚鬼に凌虐された聖女学園~ Censored

Added on: 2013-08-06 06:46:56 Runtime: 28:57 Views: 17002
Submitted by: asianlover
Description: Deep in a forest there existed an old European-style building made of brick. It was an all-girls school attended only by girls from good families. Yukino is an average looking girl who's hot blonde frenemy likes to talk down to her. While at the school one day a mysterious thick fog caused by an earthquake comes. Orc soldiers emerged from the ominous fog. One Orcs kills a guard and forces a young girl Mao to suck his cock until he cums in her mouth. Then he rips off her clothes and fucks her with his giant cock. The schoolgirls are attacked one after another by these brutes. Yukino opens the door to the room she is in to see the other girls getting fucked by these huge orc cocks. There is blood everywhere. Some of the girls begin to enjoy the pounding they are taking. Yukino makes friends with another girl who's sister was raped by the orcs and they hide together. They meet up with the girl who was making fun of Yukino earlier. The girl Reika tricks them into allowing the orc into the room. The girls resistance is futile. They are raped and crushed by the powerful orcs. Only tragic screams echoed through the school.

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